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Jewel "Kinney"


It is with sadness that we say "goodbye" to John Kinney's companion, Jewel. Please read about Jewel on our In Remembrance page. We will all miss her.


Kaibab's Cruising Mavericks, CD RN NDD CGC

Maverick - Bernese Mountain Dog

Owner / Handler - Marti Simon

Maverick is a 6 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a perpetual puppy. He has been called "special" by many people, he is my Novice A dog and my heart dog. Some dogs are easy. Easy to train, easy to live with, easy to compete with. Not Mav! Maverick is the dog that was sent to me to teach me patience, to teach me that success isn't about the ribbons and the q's. I have learned to appreciate the day to day journey, to live in the moment and enjoy the everyday lessons that our dogs teach us. I can only hope he is with me for another 6 years, we may end up with an agility title!

The Maverick FAQ
He weighs 110 pounds, he is 32 inches at the withers.
He is extremely tall for a berner, 4 inches over the standard. He is very light for his height.
He eats 3 cups of kibble a day in addition to about 4 pieces of string cheese.
He loves doing agility as long as he doesn't have to do too many tunnels or dogwalks.
We also compete in obedience, rally, and draft. Mav has tried herding, earthdog, lure-coursing. He is a champion counter-surfer. Sigh.
His nicknames are Ricky, Big Rick, Big Butt, Butthead, and Mav Man.


R' Baby Lil Prince Jasper NJP

Jasper, Chihuahua

Owner / Handler - Deborah Ward

Photographer: Gary Dickinson


Jasper is a two-year old Chihuahua who earned his first agility title in May, 2011.

Finding Jasper was a long process. I was looking for a Chihuahua with scores in the performance dog range on the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. Plus, the dog had to meet structure criteria that I picked up a Pat Hastings seminar, Puppy Puzzle: The Hastings Approach to Evaluating the Structural Quality of Puppies. I looked at over 50 Chihuahuas before I found Jasper. Surprisingly, I had a harder time finding a Chihuahua with good knees than one who would retrieve a piece of crumpled paper.

Jasper FAQ for inquiring minds

How much does he weigh?
He weighs 3 pounds, 12 ounces. (He has a tendency to beef up a couple of ounces.)

How much does he eat?
Two tablespoons of kibble a day.

Can he do the teeter?
On a really good day, yes. He's got to run all the way to the down. The teeter is Jasper's nemesis. We've been working on it for a long time. We will continue to work on it until he's confident.

Does he like agility?
He loves to play. He loves to run. He loves the extra teaspoon of treats he gets on training days. Agility is the highlight of his week.


China Road Ziggy's Split Decision, AX, MXJ, OF

(Ziggy, PP Chinese Crested)

Owner / Handler - Estelle Robinson

Ziggy was a rotund little Chinese Crested puppy when he bounded into our house at 8 weeks. Born on 7/1/08, he came from Patty Wiedeman's well established China Road line that dates all the way back to Gypsy Rose Lee. Gypsy Rose Lee was a breeder and collector of hairless dogs. Ziggy's parents are both hairless Cresteds. Ziggy is a Powder Puff, the variety of Crested with hair.

Right after Ziggy opened his eyes for the first time, he ran across the room. He had his eyes set on agility the day he opened them! At 5 months he startled and fell out of our arms to have a terrible fall on his left rear leg, breaking both his tibia and fibula. He had a pin inserted in the bones and a splint on his whole leg for healing. Fortunately he healed well and was a real sport through rehab.

Ziggy really enjoys the games he gets to play with the Momma. He has shown his love for a fast run around the course time and time again. He is also one of the first Cresteds in California to have a leg in lure coursing. Ziggy currently holds the spot for #1 AKC Agility Chinese Crested in the country and will be invited to The Invitational in December of 2011.


Belle AXP, AJP

9 year old - Mixed Breed
Owner / Handler - Vicky Lovejoy

Belle came to our family in the spring of 2002 when I found her on the LA pet adoption site. She and her sister were at the Downey shelter (a high-kill shelter at that time and maybe still). The best guess estimate of her age was about 10 weeks. As soon as I saw her and met her bounding out of the filthy kennel with enthusiasm and spunk, I knew she was for me! If her sister had not already been adopted we would certainly have taken her as well!

Belle came home to our two aging German Shepherds - two male brothers who, in their prime, weighed in at 115 and 105 lbs!! The picture here is my favorite and was of her initial introduction to Bully (who did not live up to his name!)

From the start, Belle has been one solid dog. She respected, but was not intimidated by the boys. I can remember them chewing on a bone and growling at her, she would inch her way over and literally end up licking their teeth as they growled and continued chewing on their bones. That should have clued me into how food motivated she is!!! She had her counter surfing days as a youngster and once managed to lift an entire tri-tip steak off the counter and over some utensils that were on the edge without making a sound. That is skill!! She is much better behaved now but still would not refuse the opportunity to enjoy a meal if it was within easy reach. A few years ago, I had baked some muffins which were left cooling on the counter. I then went to get ready for work. As I was dressing, Belle came in wiggling her body and with something in her mouth. I asked for it and she deposited one of the muffins into my hand. I went into the kitchen to discover that she had already eaten the rest but could not quite get the last one down. Perhaps she wanted me to save it for later??

I started agility with Belle when I consulted Terry Long of DogPact for some help with another rescue. She met Belle and said to me, "why not do something fun with Belle who does not have any issues and just wants to please?" Belle has done phenomenally well in a sport that is better suited for less stocky and more flexible dogs. She will never be the fastest on the course but she is so incredibly reliable that any mistakes we have are all mine! We've only been seriously competing for a little over year and came into the sport late. I don't know how long Belle will go but I hope to earn one of those big titles somewhere with her!! The main thing for me, however, is that she have fun and feel good about doing it!