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"John's Crown Jewel of Diamonds"

7 year old Australian Shepherd
Owner - John Kinney

Photo by PhotographybyM


This is Jewel's second time as the honored DASH Dog. With 50+ DASH members you'd think this would only come around once every two years - so get your photos and bios to our Webmaster pronto.

Since late March, Jewel has been collecting CPE Q's like crazy - 16 in all. She needs just one more Q in Jackpot and one in Snooker for her Champion title (C-ATCH), and with two of each of those games at DASH's June 18-19 trial, we should accomplish it there. It will be great to share this accomplishment with all of you who have supported us during our agility career. Since our first CPE Q in June 2007, we will have accomplished 110 Q's to obtain this title - and let's not forget the countless "oops" runs, all my fault of course.

Considering Jewel has less than 30 hours of professional training and the only practice has been the DASH club practices, her accomplishments are truly amazing. She's proven that agility may not require significant investment of time and effort to have fun and earn those Q's. Her health challenges remain and we will continue to play as long as she is able.



"CH Tamaron's Kan U Believe It"

3 year old Vizsla
Owner - Vicky Lovejoy

Photo by PhotographybyM


Kubi has had an uncertain start to what we still hope will be his agility "career." He came to the Lovejoy household at 6 months of age and has always been a sweet-tempered, loveable character. With a lot of walks on 2nd street and exposure to all kinds of situations, he seemed to be coming out of what appeared to be some general shyness. Kubi was a good student in foundation skills for agility and learned quickly. He was also being shown in conformation and earned his Championship title in August of 2010. His agility career did not go so smoothly.

Kubi started competing in agility in the fall of 2009 when he was 20 months. He did well in his first show and easily Q'd at the Novice level. After only a few shows, however, he became more reluctant to train and ultimately started to show some slight lameness. Over a period of a few months we started and stopped pain/NSAIDS meds periodically just to find that the underlying cause was not being addressed.

We finally took him to Advanced Veterinary Specialists in Tustin and were lucky to get Dr. Sebastyen. Lucky, because although the tests and x-rayed implied Kubi might have bone cancer, Dr. Sebastyen had experience with something less common in California but capable of causing the same symptoms. Kubi had a large mass that completely penetrated and traversed the entire diameter of his right humerus with a second mass in a rib on the left side. To all appearances, he had bone cancer with not much of a prognosis that would not involve amputation. Dr. Sebastyen had completed his internship in Arizona where he saw a lot of cases of Valley Fever, also called coccidiomycosis. As Kubi came originally from Arizona, he thought it worth running a blood titer to see if that might be the cause. Indeed that was it! It took a solid 6 months of treatment with anti-fungal meds to see retreat of the two masses but Kubi is now physically sound again. He will stay on the medicine for his lifetime as the fungus never truly leaves the body.

In March of 2011, after more than a year away from the field, I started competing Kubi again. He definitely has the ability but still is shy in the ring. We sometimes wonder if he bears an association of pain with his agility as we kept training him before we knew about the disease, and he likely had it for many months or even a year before he was diagnosed. Nevertheless, we feel fortunate to have him with us and hope that he will eventually realize his potential on the agility field!



"John's Crown Jewel of Diamonds"

7 year old Australian Shepherd
Owner - John Kinney

Photo by PhotographybyM


Jewel began her agility career in November 2004, completing a Parks and Recreation Agility training program, thinking it might be a good outlet for her energy and intelligence. John joined DASH (known as SCAT back then) in December 2004 at the club's Holiday party. Jewel and John consider their agility "career" to be part-time, going to about 12-15 trials per year, mostly CPE, AKC and ASCA. Considering that Jewel (and handler John) have less than 30 hours of formal training (and that includes one seminar), and the lack of equipment at home, they have been extremely successful in her agility events. They do take advantage of the 8-10 DASH club practices each year, but other than that, they show up at trials, do their runs and take the ribbons home. Jewel has obtained Master Agility and Master Jumpers titles (AKC), Good Canine Citizen, competes in Level 5 for all CPE games and will probably obtain her champion C-ATCH at DASH's CPE trial in June 2011. Jewel really loves the ASCA events (Australian Shepherd Club of America) and despite going to only 1-2 ASCA trials each year, she has earned her Elite titles for Agility, Jumpers and needs only 1 more Gamblers for her Elite Gamblers title. In 2010, she took "High in Trial" for the Open Class (ASCA).

Jewel loves to play tag with John and her doggie friends, tug toys around the house and enjoys trips to dog beach where she can chase the other dogs, frolic in the waves and see lots of people. Sadly, Jewel suffers from kidney disease that was discovered when she was only 4 years old. The first two years, slight diet changes were sufficient, but the past year has been a battle as we watched her BUN and Creatinine levels soar to Stage 4 failure. Drastic measures in her diet were taken in January, 2011 and we are starting to see progress in lowering the toxins in her body. The good news is Jewel doesn't know she is sick and we celebrate each day, each trial and each run as a blessing and opportunity to show off, and both John and Jewel are thankful for the support of their DASH friends.

Jewel will continue to enter local CPE and ASCA trials as long her health allows it, but has retired from all but DASH's AKC events. Many daily walks in the neighborhood have made her the community unofficial mascot. Many folks now have cookie jars in their garage so if they are home as we cruise by, Jewel may just get a treat.

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