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CH MACH Destiny Tornado of Ablemark CDX RA JH MXS MJS AXP AJP OF WC HOF "Tigger" 4/10/2001 - 1/2/2013

Owned and Loved by Debbie Best


Jewel (2003 - 2011)

Owned and Loved by John Kinney

After fighting kidney disease for over 3 years and bone cancer for 4 months, Jewel has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She won many hearts and made many friends within agility and her local community, and she will be missed by all. Jewel was picked out of a litter at 2 weeks old and, despite not demonstrating the desire to interact with John, he took her home at 8 weeks John was looking for a playmate to interact with his neighbor dogs of Golden Retrievers and Huskies, so the fact that Jewel was a bit large for a female Aussie was a primary reason John selected her. Jewel came from agility Champion lineage and introduced John to canine agility in October 2004 literally pulling him towards the equipment at a city-sponsored course (how did she know what this equipment was for?). After completing the 8 week course at the top of her class, John joined DASH (known as South Coast Agility Team back then) and participated in the club practices. As a part-time competitor in agility, about 6-8 AKC or CPE trials per year, Jewel learned the ropes and enjoyed coming to the events. Preparing the night before and loading the car got her revved up, and it was like telling a child to "get a good night sleep because tomorrow we're going to Disneyland." When the morning alarm went off, she would leap out of her bed and run around to get John up, quietly yipping at John to hurry - "let's go, let's go, time to Run Jump Weave." With the expansion of ASCA and CPE trials locally, Jewel and John expanded to about 15 trials per year. Despite formal training of less than 20 total hours, one seminar and a bit of at-home jump practice, Jewel obtained her AKC Master's titles in 2009, and her CPE Champion (C-ATCH) title in June 2011. It was a short 2 weeks later that bone cancer was discovered in her neck, effectively ending her agility career. Her final few months were fun-filled with daily walks at Dana Point Harbor or a regional lake where Jewel got to interact with other dogs, people and the wildlife (ducks, squirrels, birds). Jewel's calm but alert and friendly spirit lasted to the end, but the burden of her health issues finally took its toll and John was faced with the hard decision we have all faced. She is now at peace and hopefully enjoying a similar joyous life until she and John are reunited.