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To become a member you should first take a beginning agility class. This could be through your local Parks and Recreation, one of the trainers listed on our links page or through any other legitimate agility program. When you are ready, complete the membership application and email the membership director to arrange for a proficiency test at one of the DASH practices. Your dog must be able to perform obstacles safely and come when called.

Membership is $20 per year for individuals or $25 a year for a family. Members must contribute four hours of volunteer work a year.

DASH currently hosts several agility trials each year - AKC, USDAA, ASCA, and CPE. One of the reasons our trials are successful is because of our members and their volunteer work. DASH members are expected to volunteer at trials they enter. A volunteer coordinator will schedule your jobs based on the classes in which you will be competing and your level of experience.

It's always recommended, but not required, that you work a trial before you compete in order to get a better feel for how they are run.

In addition, club members get to participate in our agility demonstrations, have access to our lending library of tapes and DVDs, and get discounts to all our workshops and seminars. For beginners and newer agility handlers we offer a mentoring program so they'll get answers to questions like: "How do I fill out an entry form?" "What's a height card and how do I get one?" "How do I play Snooker (or Gamblers or FAST)?"



Membership Application for New and Renewing Members - membership application Need a PDF reader? Or an update to your existing one? Go to Adobe and download the current version

Prospective members will need to arrange for a proficiency test prior to  membership acceptance. This can be done by attending a practice and having a board member administer the test.