Congratulations to Ziggy the Chinese Crested!

Congratulations to Estelle Robinson & Ziggy the Chinese Crested for making FINALS at AKC Nationals 2014!

Congratulations to Gem the Border Collie!

Congratulations to Laurie Zurborg & Gem the Border Collie for making FINALS at AKC Nationals 2014 and placing 10th in the competitive 20" division!

Congratulations to Wink the Norrbottenspets

Romi Hirayama & Wink the Norrbottenspets earn the #1 spot for her breed in AKC Agility for 2013!

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DASH: Dog Agility Sport Handlers


***DASH News for 2015***

DASH will be hosting 3 USDAA Trials, 2 AKC Trials, 1 CPE Trial

& possibly 1 UKI Trial in 2015!

Practice schedule updated (1-18-15) 


Our club is made  up of a great group of hard-working enthusiasts and our success is built on their ability and desire to support our activities with their volunteer help.  To find out more about becoming a member and part of our team, click here:

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DASH dogs!!!

Thanks to Marty and Marilyn for their generous support of our club and for many DASH dog photos. PhotographybyM

Want to have your dog as our official background?  Twice each month we will post a new photo and blurb.  To be considered, please email your photo to webmaster@DASHagility.com.  Photos must be at least 1200 pixels wide for best presentation. If the photo is one purchased from a professional photographer, please contact that photographer to get written permission for its use. The picture will be credited to the photographer and their contact information will be posted.  Entries should be submitted by the 10th or 25th of each month to be considered and should include a biography.



DASH is an agility club based in Orange County, California. We are a club whose members share a passion for dog sports, especially agility.  We hold practice sessions for members throughout the year to practice skills, handling, and often specific games unique to different trials. We also host trials by the following organizations: AKC, ASCA, USDAA, and CPE.  Please check out our events tab for information on upcoming trials.