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DASH: Dog Agility Sport Handlers


*** DASH news for 2019 ***

DASH will be hosting 3 USDAA trials and the 2019 USDAA SouthWestern Regional,

2 AKC trials & 2 CPE trials!



DASH is an agility club based in Orange County, California. We are a club whose members share a passion for dog sports, especially agility. We hold practice sessions for members throughout the year to practice skills, handling, and often specific games unique to different trials. We also host trials by the following organizations: AKC, UKI, USDAA, and CPE. Please check out our events tab for information on upcoming trials.

Our club is made up of a great group of hard-working enthusiasts and our success is built on their ability and desire to support our activities with their volunteer help. To find out more about becoming a member and part of our team, click here:

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Thanks to Marty and Marilyn with Photography by M for their generous support of our club and for many DASH dog photos.